Here's a word that's gone the way of "elitism" -- roundly abused by shallow-minded gasbags and full of falsely negative connotations. As defined by "The use of direct, often confrontational action, such as a demonstration or strike, in opposition to or support of a cause." As defined by Jesus fellators since the advent of the Bush Lite administration: "Any deed or proposition that fails to hew to the homophobic, anti-science, misogynistic, regressive and 'God-given' agenda of the fucksticks on the Christian right."

Can wishful thinking effect results? I'd love to believe as much. On April 24, James Dobson, Al Mohler, Chuck Colson, Sen. Bill Frist, and Tony "Someone-please-wire-my-fuckin'-jaw-shut" Perkins will all be in the same place at the same time. I'd love to put faith in the idea that assembling such a profoundly stinking heap of unbridled, soul-scorching backward-ass beshittitude will result some sort of rip in the fabric of the cosmos -- a fourth-dimensional antimatter slash through which the aforementioned mushmouths in perpetual brain lock will be drawn at light speed, removing them from earthly existence forever. But if I start believing that people I don't like are destined for a bad end simply because it would please me to see it, I'd be no different than the worthless, squint-eyed fistfuckers at the Family Research Council and Focus on Family, whose black dreamworld leads them to equate judges' failure to implement Biblical law across America with "out-of-control" conduct. That's right, you square-jawed lunatics and the drool-bibbers who voted for you, keep crying that removing a huge display of the Ten Commandments from a public building constitutes "activism" (as if putting it there in the first place wasn't?) and continue whining that homosexuals and non-Christians who recognize that the Bible is nothing but a fable-filled tool for strong-arming "sinners" are taking over the world because you can't marginalize them. I wonder what it would be like to make your life's work condemning people whose lives don't affact yours on the basis of the purported decrees of a supernatural being?

Hopefully, each and every one of these shitbirds will ultimately meet with extreme nastiness so that the media (an exclusively liberal bunch, except for rampant conservatives such as Colson, Cal Thomas, everyone at Fox "News," Ann Coulter, William F. Buckley, George Will, Jonah Goldberg, Dennis Prager, Phyllis Schlafly, Hugh Hewitt, etc., etc.) can have a field day at the expense of their families and supporters.

But it might not take a bit of the old ultraviolence or even the smashing of eggiwegs over their heads to get their attention, because it's gotten to the point where even the tight-lipped Midwestern stooges who proudly drove around in the summer of oh four with "FOUR MORE YEARS" bumper stickers pasted on their beater Chevy trucks have begun to understand that they were duped, and that the price of gasoline isn't dropping anytime soon, and that the Shrub administration is the most invasive, deceitful bunch of despotic mad clowns in the history of top-level American politics. Perps like Tom DeLay are helping crater the Republican cause, and if the economy goes south, all the better. Why? Because the degree to which these religious jackholes become emboldened is a direct and linear function of the degree of Jesusmongering -- ersatz or otherwise -- going on in the White House. Remember Jerry Falwell's Moral Majority campaigning during the Reagan era? Seems Falwell virtually went into hiding after 1988, but when Dubya was elected and then re-elected, he began sticking his fat face in front of the cameras again.

If Congress could be purged of its considerable dipshit faction, the strident voices of miserable assholes like hate-group honchos Mohler and Dobson would fade to hoarse whispers and then maybe die out altogether. I believe that the trend toward a demented theocracy (as if there are other kinds) will begin to reverse itself by 2007, but who knows what the overall cost to the nation will be by that time?


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