Oliver Parker, mayor of Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, was quoted in today's Sun-Sentinel:

"I think society is secular enough and I believe we should keep the name Christ in Christmas. I have a problem with the fact that there is an attempt to take God out of everything."

The other official's complaint about people trying to yank the Christ from Christmas, which has quickly become another dummy bullet in Christians' arsenal of gripes, is sufficiently mindless and baseless as to not require refutation.

Although anything aimed at dismantling the cultural strongholds of any one religious group is laudable, quotes like these reveal an unfortunate side effect of the growing nationwide trend toward replacing "Christmas" with "Holiday": They expose how certain civic leaders "think." Parker, for example, not only "thinks" that religion should play a more active role in all of our lives (just how secular is too secular?) and that Christians should receive special dispensation, but is too stupid to bother concealing such beliefs.

As far as his whining about attempts to eradicate God, I'd like to see widespread efforts aimed at just this goal -- e.g., torching Bibles, razing churches, jailing people for praying in public -- carried out for a day just so these assholes might gain some real perspective and thus quit equating the denial of preferential treatment to followers of Jesus with communist machinations.


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