A report on CNN today notes that the school board in Odessa, Texas -- a trash-belt city of 90,000 where nearly a third of residents over age 25 lack a high-school diploma -- has voted unanimously to add a Bible class to its high-school curriculum as an elective.

A college classmate once dourly claimed that many of the dumbest people in the world become education majors; I, on the other hand, feel that society's addled more often skip the classroom part and aim straight for school-board positions instead. That said, on the surface, there is nothing pernicious about the Odessa proposal as it's presented; it's not in the same galaxy as trying to upend the public-school teaching of evolution, with or without the implementation of ID creationism. But that "as-it's-presented" clause is critical, because when it comes to Bible myths tainting the public sphere, religious zealots always have not-so-hidden agendas, and in places modernity forgot -- such as West Texas -- such calamitous bullshit, even when ultimately exposed for what it is, can very quickly gain support.

If this would-be class remains an elective, and is actually taught in the manner its proponents claim (i.e., as a literature class that explores the influence of the Bible on history and culture), it won't be a problem. But this is the Lone Star State, folks. Once these thousands of Godidiots have their polydactylous feet in the door, you can count on these bumpkinfuck dust-eaters doing everything they can to make the class a requirement for graduation and warp the stated curriculum into one that teaches that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God, etc. etc.

In Western society, his is how these people universally operate -- they claim to not want undue power or influence while at any time exercising exactly the maximum amount of backwardness local laws permit, ever haranguing the courts for special dispension under blatant P.C. umbrellas while bitching about liberal activist judges. Dumb as they may be, they've become wise to the fact that honesty regarding their plans sets them up for failure, so they now propose superficially "liberal" schemes themselves in the hope of ushering in bullshit that's much more ruinous than that initially proposed.

Anyway, it will be interesting to see how this ostensibly low-key situation develops.


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