There are many things J.F. Brondel, who invented the valve-type flush toilet way back in 1738, could not have foreseen about his divine creation. The events originating at the U.S. naval base in Guantanamo Bay and rippling across the world in recent weeks are surely among them.

Pictured here, courtesy of CNN, is a Muslim student, clearly a young woman, protesting outside the Indonesian U.S. Embassy in D'Jakarta amid reports that someone at the prison for suspected terrorists in Cuba flushed a Koran down the toilet. The Koran, of course, is a book that includes passages about the programmed subjugation of women, their filthy menstrual obligations, and the general need to keep them in line and remind them of their subordinate status by any means necessary, including physical violence.

Yet this young lady is -- pun apt but not premeditated -- unquestionably and deeply pissed at the alleged befoulment. An intelligent alien visitor would be agog at this, and would surely ask: Why?

One might assume that because she is a university student, she has more than a peasant's education and stunted world view. Her expression, however, belies any such enlightenment. Naturally, asks the untethered heathen, what the fuck is she thinking? Does she care that reports have been changed to reflect that the Koran was merely "mishandled" rather than literally shat on? Was she as enraged at the tales of physical abuse of Muslim detainees at the hands of white devils? Who knows?

Know this: If you can be incited to riot over the news of a book being "desecrated," you have been programmed to give others an unbelievable amount of power over you.

I realize the significance of the Koran (and the Bible) to to certain people, but that's exactly my point. I've yet to meet a morbidly religious person who admits to having been a victim of brainwashing, but although this is understandable -- people couldn't cop to such treatment even if they wanted to -- there is no better term. If a person with an otherwise intact mind becomes enraged at the irreverent treatment of a book that proclaims and details her second-class status, she has been selectively deprived of the power to think for herself. We have afflicted persons of our own here in the U.S. and unfortunately they like to insinuate their fucked-up beliefs into public policy whenever they can, uncomprehending of the ridiculousness of it all and annoyed at every turn by those who "unaccountably" oppose them.

It's never good for someone to have sacrificed any portion of her most prized possession -- her mind. As a secular example, consider the role in America of the word "cunt," which women in Western society are almost universally trained to regard from a young age as the One True No-No, the only slur in the (overwhelmingly) male lexicon afforded categorically verboten status, the zinger guaranteed to offend -- and one with no male-oriented counterpart. If I were a woman I would hope I wouldn't give a shit about being called a cunt, at least no more so than were I referred to by any number of other untoward terms. All that does is let people control you.

I understand that statements such as "it's just a book!" are meaningless because they fail to take into account the deep-rooted, cataclysmic nature of some people's religious fervor. And that -- not splashing a few bacteria and nitrogen molecules on a book deserving of ridicule anyway -- is the real problem.



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