This according to an article in today's Sun-Sentinel describing the appearance of a racist tabloid at a number of West Palm Beach residences over the weekend. An unidentified woman quoted in the story visited the White Aryan Resistance Web site after receiving a copy of the tabloid and was evidently surprised to learn that the group's members are an opinionated bunch who are not entirely pleased with the concept of a racially diverse society. Said the woman of the WAR: "They are not going to be blessed for the things they are doing." If hatred between religious sects is considered tantamount to hatred between ethnic groups -- and world history unquestionably validates this approximation -- her claim is actually arguable on Biblical grounds.

The article was illuminating on many fronts:
  • Florida currently leads the nation in the number of officially recognized hate groups, edging out twice-as-populous California 43-42.
  • It's not a crime to throw unsolicited newspapers onto people's property. Say again? Given the obvious latitude afforded the definition of "newspaper," why is this not considered littering? And what if I fly a paper airplane onto my neighbor's lawn with the words


    'This house targeted for pipe bombing tomorrow, fucker,' anonymous report claims

    written across its starboard wing?
  • West Palm Beach is home to the Internet's oldest white supremacist Web site.
  • According to an Anti-Defamation League principal, the distribution of racist literature is designed to upset people. (In other breaking news, law-enforcement officials are hypothesizing that bank robbers are motivated by notions of financial gain.)
God himself was busy eradicating the entire population of Egypt and was thus unavailable for comment, but is believed to be staunchly opposed to certain forms of ethnic prejudice, religious intolerance, and genocide.


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