A high-school dropout can transform himself into an expert in neuroscience (or any academic field) in one of two ways. One is to be born with unusual intellectual gifts and embark on a years-long journey of obsessive, comprehensive independent study, like Will Hunting. The other is to be born charming, sexy, and a fucking idiot and join a religious cult, like Tom Cruise.

Interviewed on the Today show Friday morning -- ostensibly to help publicize a soon-to-be-relased film, functionally in order to make an ass of himself -- Cruise, one of many high-profile Hollywood figures affiliated with the Church of Scientology, claimed that "there is no such thing as a chemical imbalance" (evidently the world's millions of schizophrenics simply need more exercise as well as an E-Meter, described here and put into play here) and in general came off sounding like Nathan Thurm. Actually, the partial transcript of the interview is like a comedy-horror flick compressed into a five-minute burst of sound bytes -- Cruise clearly believes he is being both logical and reasonable, while Lauer, along with imbuing the exchange with the only traces of sense it exudes, is falsely ingratiating in his attempt to get his sieve-headed guest to simmer down.

It's hard to pick winners out of this melange of moronicism, but I liked these lines best: "I know that psychiatry is a pseudo science" and "I don't talk about things that I don't understand." A Scientologist is looking far up the reality/credibility scale at the Psychic Hotline and alien abduction stories. The entire exchange is nothing but burst after staccato burst of violent, eye-wateringly foul verbal flatulence from Cruise, with token polite burps interjected by Lauer.

I often wonder what is chiefly at work in the large number of celebrities who develop into would-be authorities on fields far outside their realms of expertise: Their growing more inwardly self-important during their careers as the inevitable result of hype intoxication, or whatever personality traits allowed them to become notable perforers in the first place. One thing that is now assured is that although the majority of actors and actresses are far above average in intelligence, Tom Cruise is not one of them.


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