Many are surely aware by now that Terri Schiavo's autopsy results have revealed these findings: Schiavo was blind, incapable of eating, and free of trauma, and her brain -- half the weight of a normal adult's -- was irreversibly damaged and consistent with a persistent vegetative state. Her pained parents' wishful thinking and the cross-eyed, cross-waving bleatards gathered outside Terri's home several months ago notwithstanding, this woman, had she been somehow exported from herself and given the choice, had every reason imaginable for wishing to expire and none for continuing her mechanical "life."

Folks, she was not lying there thinking, "This sucks and I'm hungry." Pain, need, want -- none of it meant anything at that point and for all practical purposes did not even exist. And yes, I trust the autopsy findings more than a bunch of low-wattage fuckpokes of faith and their blathering about souls and their Thou Shalt Not edict penned by apocalyptically driven nomad-plaigiarists thousands of years ago.

More enlightening than reading a mainstream article about the autopsy findings are the far right's inept attempts to retrospectively spin this story into something it's not and never was. A fine example is an "article" at Wingnut Daily that stubbornly paints Terri's husband as a heartless aggressor and her parents as victims, cites all of the wonderful things Schiavo's parents "believed" and that "some" legal experts "felt" or "claimed," notes the heroic efforts of the Good Guys like President Bush, and claims that the Supreme Court -- not the basic facts about Schiavo's medical status -- "sealed her fate." Who forced the Supreme Court's pointless involvement in all of this again?

These cretins are both stupid and shameless. Tenacity is admirable only in proper context; the wingnut faction consists in effect of mangy, oft-beaten curs, their cerebrums ravaged by Lyme disease, biting and biting again and the hands of those who might feed them if only they would settle down, shut the fuck up and just obey for once. They'd bone their own dead mothers in the poopers if they thought this would help them score points in a faux-moral battle they themselves started and have cleanly lost. I wish I believed in the afterlife because if I did I would be confident Terri would return to Earth and methodically jam her unlubricated feeding tube up the tightly clenched asses of wingnuts everywhere.


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