In response to Beaming Visionary creationist-bashing post #198 (by rough count, and probably shy of the actual total), which I made yesterday, someone posted this comment:

"Is the evolutionary theory so weak that the mention of God will cause students to go flying from classrooms to the nearest church.

"Why are you afraid??"

I'm not certain that it's immediately evident to people how specious this oft-touted line of "reasoning" is. The reason scientists are fed up with hardcore godlies tirelessly bashing their heads against the doors of public schools under various guises (Intelligent Design creationism being only the most recent) is precisely because they know how strong the theory of evolution is. Most scientists are fair folks, and if evolution, broadly speaking, were really in question, it's likely that they would allow for this possibility (although as far as science is concerned, the creation idea fails on its intrinsic lack of merit anyway, being untestable and hence non-falsifiable).

Perhaps an analogous example is the best means of underscoring the "fear" exhibited by biologists when a religiously motivated (or not) scientific illiterate says something akin to the comment above. Imagine if someone approached you and said, "You know, your mom blows folks for crack on Biscayne Boulevard." Initially you might be simply nonplussed rather than angry, knowing that with your mother long dead and buried, the allegation was unquestionably false. You might simply shrug off the remark, perhaps even with a grin.

But imagine what would happen if, every day, the same guy walked up to you and said, "Saw your mom suckin' dicks for rocks in downtown Miami again." Imagine, too, that he began recuiting large numbers of his friends to join in the hectoring. If you had to put up with this for a number of years, even after showing this mob copies of your mother's obituary, you would eventually become more than slightly angry. Finally, one day you might snap and threaten to kick the shit out of the ringleader. It would not be all surprising, given the vagaries of the mind of the committed shitbird, if the miscreant (who fully believes his own charges, of course) pointed at you in triumph and said, "A-ha! If your mom isn't really a crack whore, why are you so upset?"

It's a crass but facile analogy. Christians have been trying to sneak creationism into biology classes for decades. They had to switch tactics with the 1987 Edwards vs. Aguillard verdict -- hence "Intelligent Design." But they haven't stopped, carrying on with their quest with both the tenacity and the ignorance of zombies, shamelessly flinging lie after scientific lie with the typically successful aim of playing to the general public's unfamiliarity with evolution.

To have God-talk in science classrooms is not so much offensive as utterly inappropriate. It's no wonder at all that biologists who have dedicated their lives to studying evolution and know their stuff up and down have grown increasingly defensive. The advent of molecular biology, having confirmed to a tee every important hypothesis about natural selection, common descent and other matters, has only strengthened Darwin's original theory. But thanks to the implacable cross-waving yammerheads, you'd never know it.

Not incidentally, consider which side of this never-ending contest is really driven by fear. It's likely not distaste with the idea of "coming from monkeys" (actually, an apelike common ancestor) that chaps these fuckers' asses; it's the implications. If one accepts the truth of evolution, it is impossible to cling to the idea that the Adam and Eve fable is true. No Adam, no original sin; no sin, no Jesus, at least as he's described in the New Testament; no Jesus dying for our sins, no need for salvation, and the whole backbone of Christianity is shattered. Given these facts, one really can't blame literalist Christians for engaging in machinations that are annoying and objectively purposeless.

But to scientists, they and their stratagems about as entertaining as, well, a battalion of three-dollar crack whores.


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