That was essentially Paul Mirecki's reward for speaking out against the glaring vacuity of Intelligent Design creationism in a predominantly bumpkinfuck state.

This incident is obviously appalling in its own right, but, as is usually the case when the religiotarded run amok, it is instructive as well -- not that anyone not already a choir member has an ear cocked skyward. Christians in the America of 2005 are morbid in their unyielding complaints of intolerance, marginalizaton and persecution perpetrated by raging secularists in the U.S. How this untenable claim was seeded and propagated in a nation presently ruled by and for deluded religious nuts remains a grotesquely alluring mystery, for even the sheer stupidity of the nation's religious element is not sufficient to explain how these toxic zombies cannot recognize the overwhelming presence of their own.

Members of the religious right complain of "disgusting [anti-Christian] rhetoric" even as they gloat over being "politically incorrect" in attacking homosexuals, those without professed ties to the supernatural, and those who would take away their semiautomatic hunting rifles. So be it; this is the standard workaday hypocrisy we've come to expect from these assholes, and it takes innumerable forms.

It seems almost unthinkable, however, that the same people ever ranting about their "faith" being crudely swept under the rug by child-molesting, cross-burning ACLU wiccans take no apparent notice their own zealots' use of moral, physical and criminal scare tactics like those aimed at Mirecki. But this is America today; this is why the deeply religious are so often worthless cocksuckers and why people like me -- folks who never used to bat an eye at religious fervor even as we inwardly chuckled at it -- see them as the greatest enemy of the state. Because they forcefully couple their belief in moralizing and mercurial skygods to their own unilluminated perspectives and prejudices, they're rotting the nation from within.

Fundamentalist "Christians" of the stripe who attacked Mirecki -- and anyone who's taken a spin around the blogosphere knows that these virulent, semi-conscious shitbags are far from rare -- are simply thugs branded with religion instead of prison tattoos.

I'm no proponent of violence, be it in the form of civil war or otherwise. But I do have to wonder what would happen if Christians' tireless proclamations about being maligned and beaten to the fringes of society (where they already exist intellectually but certainly not politically) were realized. Imagine a nation in which public Bible burnings, the distribution of pornography in the parking lots of Baptist churches, and people approaching random Southerners, Midwesterners and Utahans and saying "Christ enjoyed purulent Jew cock!" were everyday events. Of course, these things -- unlike the beating of a professor for expressing his anti-fucknut views -- are legal, and not unlike mirror images of the real-life deeds of evangelicals, who gather on lawns and wave crosses to protest the "murder" of corpses and haunt Planned Parenthood offices. But yu can bet a proliferation of such activities would quickly gain the attention of Bible-humpers from coast to benighted coast.

There are, however, more florid scenarios. The more aggressive anti-Christians might move on to vandalizing nativity scenes, bulldozing churches, punching anyone caught praying square in the face with frightening force, and openly calling for the assassination of American "clerics." If this sounds far-fetched, I intoduce you to places such as the Balkans, Northern Ireland, Palestine, Nigeria, East Timor, the Kashmir, and Chechnya, among countless other bloodily faith-fucked swatches of Earth.

That this gruesomeness is everyday life in other nations but not here is, of course, owed not to the too-popular Elmer Fudd take on patriotism that has helped embitter Americans toward their peers, but to the efforts of the very sorts of "activists" U.S. Christians so often lament. But no matter; nutty as is sounds in a fucked-up world, it's entirely possible that a great many fundagelicals already believe they are being as badly mistreated as in the above hypothetical examples. In their jaundiced and self-blinded eyes, anything short of a medieval theocracy is chaos, and within that world view, the beating of an outspoken heathen isn't merely a small price for society to pay; it's divine provenance.


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