As sad as what just transpired in a West Virginia mine is, this skull-gutted Reaganite's rambling is illustrative of the grim, impenetrable futility of prayer and God as well as the "minds" that espouse them. After the initial story -- which got the body count backward in claiming 12 survivors and one casualty -- hit the news, our dear blogger wrote:

"...people are rejoicing after the miracle that the good people of the town have been praying for for the past 41 hours...Praying people. God Bless them...The townsfolk had gathered at the church for a near two day long prayer meeting before they heard the news that their loved ones had lived...The power of prayer is on display tonight in West Virginia. Those who don't believe in a higher power will doubtlessly attribute this to luck. For me it ranks right up there with any story of deliverance of God's people in the Bible...In memory of 51 year old Terry Helms. God be with his family. And may God bless you all."

Now, after the unfortunate truth came out, you'd think this guy would be ripped to the gills at God not only for sending 12 of 13 miners to Jesus but for yanking everyone's chain, getting their hopes up only to dash them. But nope -- an irrational belief system is the most stubborn and queerly accommodating kind there is:

"For the one who did survive, God has still been good to his family...The rejoicing around the country should not stop, we only have more families to pray for that they may find comfort...It is truly no less a miracle that anyone survived such a terrible ordeal."

He blames some unnamed entity for starting the erroneous rumor. Whither the Lord? Come to think of it, why did He trap even one hard-working, devout man underground amid lethal gases in the first place, much less a baker's dozen?

The sympathy I harbor toward people this cognitively worthless -- who inevitably gravitate toward equally worthless political and social views -- is vague at best, short of that which I might extend toward an intact human being. Imagine how you'd feel toward a junkyard dog taught by a cruelly abusive owner to enjoy the taste of its own strychnine-laced faeces between bouts of untrammeled malice, and that about covers it.


Blogger M. Sheldon said...

Cognitively worthless? Wow.
So, in your view, if there was a God, no-one would ever die? Please attempt at doing better than trashing my beliefs...like maybe taking what I say as my opinion? If you can't respect my position, sir...I can hardly respect yours.

1:21 PM  
Blogger Beaming Visionary said...

Well, M. Sheldon, here in this fine nation, we have a legion of loudmouthed Christian motherfuckers whose only apparent aim in life is to ensure that everyone not already on board becomes as Godful as the are whether they want to or not. Endless efforts to jam creationism into public schools, cross-wavers with their eyes rolled back into their lumpy heads on Terri Schiavo's lawn screaming of "murder," people furiously slapping at their Bibles as they rail against potentially life-saving research and vaccines because God wouldn't approve of such practical shit. To round out the fun, God thinks substantially less of women than of men, and wants nothing to do with homos, people of other faiths, or the deity-free.

So with that in mind it shouldn't surprise you very much when evidence of God's absence, uncaring, or both erupts into view, seemingly to0 huge and ugly and stinking to ignore, and you dumbfucks still don't get it. You were already gloating about the success of your prayers and then, WHOOPS! Looks like God was having a little fun with all of His faithful by not only reversing the initially announced 12/1 alive/dead ratio, but by allowing people to think for a while that their senselessly burbled prayers actually worked!

The most amazing thing, though? When it was announced that a dozen had indeed perished, everyone just decided to keep praying, but at new targets! Fucking amazing, even for a bunch of downtrodden inbred holler-dwellers!

What more evidence do you need that either your God isn't listening, or your God doesn't give a fuck about you (or even hates you)? Life is a lot easier when you realize that there are no puppeteers in the sky on call for your supplicating pleasure. I suggest you deal with it.

Again, this would merely be unfortunate were it not for the myriad ways that buhleevers fuck up everyone else's life on the basis of this alleged skygod. You pimp the fucker's name in order to further warped agendas, and what does he do in return? Sends you wildfires, hurricanes and death by CO poisoning.

"So, in your view, if there was a God, no-one would ever die?"

If you can somehow extrapolate what I posted into that conditional, and ignore the role in this of Christian dickfuckers as I outlined it above, you get a downgrade from "cognitively worthless" to "cogntively bankrupt."

6:01 PM  
Blogger Bill from Dover said...

m. Sheldon said...

"The power of prayer is on display tonight in West Virginia. Those who don't believe in a higher power will doubtlessly attribute this to luck. For me it ranks right up there with any story of deliverance of God's people in the Bible."

Guess that about sums it up.

8:47 PM  
Blogger M. Sheldon said...

I've never Pimped any God, I don't believe in it. You see things your way, and I see them mine. The difference is, that I enjoy a good debate while you are apparently so intellectually challenged that all you are capable of is mindless diatribe and vile utterings attacking any position other than your own.
Who is worse for this nation, B.V.? People like me with an acceptance of all points of view who are willing to attempt to seek common ground, or hate-filled wretches like yourself?

12:10 AM  
Blogger Beaming Visionary said...

Okay, I'm beginning to feel guilty for stumbling across your blog (thanks, Technorati) and choosing to unload about a general topic in the context of a specific person. I think you're harmless and, it appears, good-hearted.

But tell me -- what is there to reasonably debate when it comes to the post above these comments? The efficacy of prayer? The self-appointed role of fundamentalists in America? And what other "viewpoints" should I be considering? That God works in ineffable ways? Hook me up -- I enjoy a reasoned discussion as well.

You assign yourself far too much credit in claiming to accept "all points of view." As far as I can tell, you're not yet capable of even considering them. But if that's an ideal of yours, don't give up on it.

I don't abhor religious people but I do detest what ails them. If you expect me to back down from that, don't wait around for the miracle.

p.s. That's not me in the picture.

8:21 AM  
Blogger Bill from Dover said...

m. sheldon said:
I've never Pimped any God, I don't believe in it.

You've pimped it enough to give it a capital G where it doesn't belong.

8:50 AM  
Blogger Mary Magdalen said...

Ok, I need an explanation from M. Sheldon regarding prayer and miracles.

So, everyone was praying for a miracle. Along with the prayers of course there was a huge rescue team with all the latest technology. They probably even made use of science. But IF the miners had been saved, it would have been a miracle!

In my mind, if God had opened the skies, reached down, and pulled the miners out himself, THAT would have been a miracle.

Is that you in the picture? why are you so angry looking? Were you bitten by a snake at your last revival meeting?

11:28 AM  

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