Jay from was kind enough to send me a link today, referencing the depiction of him and his friends over there in the sidebar. But to give credit where credit is due, I didn't create that spiffy graphic; as it plainly says right under the motherfucker, Nolff did.

While you're all here, allow me to point out what a fucking idiot Gribbit is. Following in the clumsy footsteps of a million wingnuts before him, he -- in a finger-waggling rant essentially regurgitated from Fundie Bullshit in America 101 -- conflates atheism with Communism, as if the latter were not clearly a state-mandated religion in itself, with the state being the required object of worship. It doesn't seem to matter that this one is whipped to death in an instant whenever some Jesus-fellator trots it out; the Christly cling to it like maggots to carrion. Anyone who believes that Nazism and Communism are systems founded on true atheism -- i.e., encouraging free and rational thought -- is either parroting someone else's bullshit or has his head up his ass. Such societies have virtually everything in comon with medieval theocracies and nothing in common with a genuinely godless and happy society, such as that of Sweden (which actually has a state-sponsored religion that people are smart enough not to give a fuck about).

Also, Gribbit's claim that the ACLU squashes religious expression is spectacularly stupid and demonstrably false. The ACLU's own Web site has a slew of examples of how the organization has guarded the religious freedoms of individuals while consistently denying the goverment sanctioning of sectarian prayers and such in key settings -- as it should. But assholes like Gribbit, who covertly or overtly believe that America would be well-served by being infected with Christianity in every imaginable way, would rather rail against their pinko straw man than acknowledge this distinction.

Also, when claiming that religion will always triumph in the end, as he does in his rousingly hollow conclusion, Gribbit not only relies on revisionist history (for example, World War II was clearly not about the faithful vs. the godless), but ignores the fact that as time marches on, book-based religion is becoming increasingly meaningless, and the efforts of the ACLU have nothing to do with this. The more we learn about the natural world, the further our ethos edges away from taking refuge in the shadow of fucked-up psychotic skygods with two-thousand-year-old takes on everything from geology to race relations to women's rights. We saw this with the abandonment of the biblical geocentric universe model several hundred years ago and it's happened again with the emergence and persistence of evolutionary biology.

Fundagelicals hate these discoveries, because it taunts their embracing of mythology as history and points the finger at how backward it is to regard the shitheap known as the Bible as anything other than a vaguely interesting amalgam of moral tales, soft-core pornography, and the conflicting accounts of the man/god/mangod known as Jesus Christ. But if religious believers think they can eliminate progress by waving their hands and saying, "the war on religion is no longer being tolerated!" then great. They can join the Black Knight of Monty Python fame in the aisle of utter denial.

Once again, Gribbit provides little that's accurate and nothing new or useful. But shallow demagoguery and a codification of wishful thinking are all that's needed to whip the troops into a frenzy when they're already foaming at the mouth and have been sold on the theme in advance.

Here's some advice, Gribbit. When attempting to make a point, it's probably wise not to use the predictions in the Book of Revelations as back-up. That's a short, stumbling step from relying on your horoscope or the answers you get from a Magic 8-Ball. Instead, draw back from your hatred of the ACLU and look from a broader perspective at what it is that you're actually trying to write about. You might actually happen across a few clues that way.

Edit: Ed Brayton over at Dispatches from the Culture Wars has provided a more thorough fisking of Gribbit's "logic," focusing in particular on the inanity of ascribing the ACLU's actions to a communist agenda.


Blogger Bithead said...

No one is spectacularly stupid is supporting the ACLU.

7:54 PM  
Blogger Beaming Visionary said...

"No one is spectacularly stupid is supporting the ACLU."

I take it you were in a hurry when you wrote this. Would you mind providing a version for our English-speaking readers? I assume you mean "nothing is as spectacularly stupid as supporting the ACLU" or somthing similar, but I'm not sure (and such a position is not germane to my post; for the most part, I don't give a shit about the ACLU, although someone has to keep the implacable fundies at bay, even if this comes at a cost).

8:05 PM  
Blogger Bill from Dover said...

BV, I think you are all over this guy for a simple one-letter typo.

Obviously, what he meant to opine was:

"No one is spectacularly stupid if supporting the ACLU."

Otherwise, this this guy would have to be dumber than nuthouse full of Jays.

5:30 AM  

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