In Illinois, four pharmacists are suing the Walgreen's drugstore chain after being let go for a grossly unjust reason: They refused to do their jobs.

The talking dildo from the ACLJ, which is supplying the plaintiffs' attorneys, was right in saying, "It couldn't be any clearer." But not for the reasons he believed. These people were asked to put in writing that they would agree to comply with store policy and they refused.

The morning-after pill is not cocaine or crystal meth or heroin. It's a legal drug, and if they don't like this fact, tough shit. I would have liked to see all of those flat-faced wailing pricks gathered outside Terri Schiavo's home last year hit with teargas, but unfortunately they had every right to be there, and I, too, must accept this.

Part of this acceptance lies in not going to places where the dumbest fundagelicals in the nation have gathered. There's a lesson here. Why do people with clear moral objections to the use of certain medications become pharmacists? So they can put their flagrant assholery on display?

If I were acrophobic, I wouldn't become a window washer because I'd refuse to go above the third floor of a skyscraper and they'd have to pink-slip me. Were I claustrophobic, I wouldn't become an elevator operator because I wouldn't last a shift.

I understand the horror these pharmacists feel in regard to the morning-after pill is very real to them. It also establishes them as top-seeded dumbfucks. There are very real ethical issues surrounding abortion even when you factor out the Bible-humpers. Anyone who believes, however, that application of this drug results in "murder" is plain ignorant.

It must be nice in some ways, though, to be the sort of mud-headed ideologue who can put his intellect aside when it comes to the numerous highly visible conflicts between religious fantasy and scientific reality. Much easier to cry "MURDER!" than consider the physical facts at hand.

Besides, where does the Bible condemn abortion in the first place? God doesn't like infants, children, women, men, the Beastie Boys or anyone else, so surely wouldn't give a flying one about a newly fertilized ovum. This is a psychopath who told Abraham to off his only son, smote the piss out of every eldest-child male in Egypt, and had forty-two bears kill a bunch of little kids for making fun of a bald guy. Hell, he probably eats foetuses.

My advice to this ugly quartet is to drop their ridiculous lawsuit, get a good night's rest, and take a friggin' chill pill the next morning. Maybe the whole bottle.


Blogger Bill from Dover said...

Wonder how long it'll be before the likes of Jay & his thumping-ilk will be screaming about why the ACLU isn't defending these four fuckwits?

7:27 AM  
Blogger Bill from Dover said...

Here's what I fathom to grasp:

Once the jizz has shot, from the instant that the little sperm things start swimmin', anything that interferes with conception from that moment on is considered MURDER.

However, when said blastocyst develops into a being of somewhat darker color, it is fair game for these fine, fine Christians to drag it behind a truck until there is nothing left except a bloody chain.

If it develops into a being that displays a penchant for others of the its sex, it becomes an awful waste and is condemned to burn in somewhere for eternity.

If it develops - perhaps, through no fault of its own - into a wingnut, it becomes so much fodder for anyone with an IQ approaching that of... say a used condom.

Considering the odds, ain't this clump of cells better off used for research?

8:37 AM  
Blogger Nölff said...

Stop the ACLU has comments blocked now.
I miss stirring them up.

10:47 PM  

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