You may have noticed that I have recently linked to a couple of bloggers whose creations were inspired wholly or in part by the proto-hominids at One of these blogs has the cryptic name of As you might expect, this is an evisceration of the hysterically illiterate blasts of paranoid ignorance on the site that inspired its name, and the posts are not only on-target but hilarious. The other, Thinking Meat, is similar in that it roots out and displays in neon colors the rabid hypocrisy of our wingjob friends, but lacks the intentional comic touch of DontStopTheACLU (which in its own right actually serves to boost the funniness factor; when the goonynuts come barging in from stage right to yammer and screech about Thinking Meat's posts, his deft dismissals and implacable adherence to logic summons forth images of a patient special ed teacher striving against all conventional hope to instill the idea in the heads of his desperately challenged charges that no, it really isn't all right to fling, eat, or otherwise put to recreational use one's own faeces.

Now for the fuckfaces. Here is a letter to the editor of a newspaper in the Bible belt:

When Jesus Christ was on Earth almost 2,000 years ago, he said that we are to love our neighbor as ourselves.

I am a conservative Christian. Therefore, it's incumbent on me to love homosexuals and lesbians as myself and meet their legitimate needs if called on to do so, even though I disagree with their lifestyle.

But it bothers me a whole lot when people write to this letters column rejecting what the Bible says about homosexuality and substituting their own opinions.

If I am still alive and able to get to the polls in November, I will be voting for the same-sex marriage amendment, for I believe this is what God wants me to do.

So there you go. This guy is a clusterfuck of schizoid contradictions. He admits that thanks to the lessons dispatched his way by an imaginary hippie-god, he might evince compassion toward gays -- or at least be apt to mind his own fucking business -- were it not for the fact that another imaginary being, this one a confirmed bigot and overall asshole, compels him to act otherwise and vote on an issue that doesn't affect him in any way. He complains that other who write to this newspaper interpret the Bible unfairly, yet appoints himself arbiter of what gays' "legitimate needs" are (evidently these don't extend to the right to legally sanction a loving relationship with another person).

It sounds like he might be old or in poor health. Hopefully this is the case and the dumbfuck will expire before he ever sees another polling booth. I'm pretty sure at least one version of God or Jesus would have said as much, and that it wouldn't be too hard to find scriptural support for such a position.

I've also posted a bunch of responses to entries and comments on Stop the ACLU, the contributors to which have been especially noisome, dishonest and uninformed lately. Naturally these have been deleted; if there's one thing that pisses off that bunch, it's informed dissent.

Read through this post and the comments that follow. My deleted response:

Grub Fart tuna* wrote:

"You never cease to amaze."

I'm sure that from your perspective, this is true of many who comment here. Avail yourself of a dictionary and one day you, to, may have the same effect on people.

"The hilarity of the claim you make above is that you challenged me on the plaintiff's atheism..."

What is easily refuted is the idea that *everyone* involved in getting rid of that meaningless eyesore outside of San Diego is anti-God by definition.

I know none of you is a professional headline writer or even facile with English at all, but this:

"American Legion ... Brings ADF aboard to defend against ACLU, atheist attacks on vets memorials,"

implies that there was more than one atheist mind behind this, or that there is some kind of ACLU-led let's-extinguish-God conspiracy afoot in this and other matters involving the Christian "deity" specifically. This errant notion is exemplified by the confused (or perhaps simply dishonest) kerwin brown's statement that "The ACLU preaches atheism as that is all supporting no religion really is." This gent doesn't understand the difference between failing to rally behind the god of *his* choosing, which happens to be but one of many hundreds conceived by humans over the centuries, and striving to maintain a level playing field. Fortunately this is not true of even a conservative SCOTUS.

Along with constantly blaring their bumbling, shambling, stupefied take on the First Amendment, the people who contribute to this blog as writers or commenters simply can't help but repeat the lie that the ACLU is inherently godless. Mind you, inherently godless things please me, as they are almost always signs of rationality and beacons of hope in a nation otherwise cluttered by bumpkinoid scripture-slappers with their faces twisted into halfwit expressions signifying a primal, bloodthirsty nature and a mongoloid, primitive brand of mentation. But it's still an errant claim, though one that is lost among so many other misinterpretations and lies propagated by the shamelessly deluded and aggressive mouth-breathers inhabiting this futile electronic cesspool.

Have a good long weekend, all. And be safe.

* Just trying to follow CaptainRational's rule with this.

I also responded to comment #22 in the same thread from the notoriously discombobulated apostle with this:

apostle wrote:

"We have had every single president in our nation's history swear on the Bible."

Yes, and everyone who testifies in an American court is also sworn in. Guess they're all Christian too? (Actually, a lot of them surely are; only 1 in 500 imprisoned Americans claims to be an atheist, which tells you something about the moral value of buddying up to Jesus.)

I do enjoy the hapless and myopic tenacity of people like apostle, who, in the face of untold amounts of historical and contemporary evidence to the contrary, continue screeching that Christians merit special treatment in America. This is something truly Christian-minded people would never even think, much less say.

Fortunately, we live in a nation sliding inexorably toward enlightenment despite the fact that a large segment of its population is committed to theocratic machinations. It was this way under Reagan, when Falwell and his dimwit Moral Majority crusaders were maximally emboldened, but he and his subsequently faded from view, and thankfully we'll be seeing this occur again once the current administration is finally purged. Hallelujah.

Finally, I replied to a spectacularly ignorant (though almost quaintly sincere) homophobe here:

"Male homosexuality causes sickness and death which is why AIDS/HIV for one, is more prevalent among males that have sex with males than among heterosexuals."

Homosexuality causes sickness and death? All by itself? Wow, you must be a Ph.D. biochemist or something.

As far as HIV is concerned (and why would HIV-free gays in monogamous relationships worry?), you do know that for quite some time, HIV has spread more rapidly among heteros and IV drug users than among homos, right?

"I assume you are an evolutionist. If so you need to speak to your demigod Charles Darwin who stated that killing children through abortion is a form of infanticide ... He wrote it is the evolutionist sacred scroll that goes by the name of "The Decent of Man".

You mean "The Descent of Man," right? I'd love to give you credit for a lame pun, but unfortunately that would be wrong.

Also, Darwin has some seminal ideas, but just FYI he's not the only one who's worked as an evolutionary biologist in the last 150 years. By calling him a "demigod" you're doing what other benighted godders do and trying to pretend everything in the field hinges on the ideas of one man who's been dead for 100 years. But, see, unlike Jesusology, science itself evolves and progresses over time.

It's sad that in a country where education and information is so readily available, people with your ideas can still exist.

So there you have it. These self-styled bastions of the American Way want no part of people who refute their bullshit using basic reasoning, the cold application of statistics, or anything in between; they want nothing but strict adherence to their hysterical propaganda -- even as they constantly bemoan the "communist" tactics of their eponymous adversary.


Anonymous Glib Fortuna said...

Bleating Estuary--

You would be a far more fascinating adversary if you had scored above the third percentile in reading comprehension. Please humor me be facing your failures.

"Avail yourself of a dictionary and one day you, to, may have the same effect on people."

Specifics please. This is a snicker-fest of an exhortation considering this from you:

"or even facile with English at all"

"American Legion ... Brings ADF aboard to defend against ACLU, atheist attacks on vets memorials,"
implies that there was more than one atheist mind behind this"

Take your helmet off for a moment. The American Legion announced a campaign to stand its legal ground against any attacks on veterans memorials in CA, with the campaign likely going national. Most attacks of this sort come from atheists and/or the ACLU. They wanted to cover the bases and those two rat-turd demographics are a fairly comprehensive start. Headline: Accurate.

"What is easily refuted is the idea that *everyone* involved in getting rid of that meaningless eyesore outside of San Diego is anti-God by definition."

You may want to "avail" yourself of the facts here, lonely one (I did see your photo, so you can't shed this descriptor). The plaintiff is an atheist. Your intellectual partner in YAWN challenged me to "prove" the atheism of the plaintiff. Your appeals to "rational" thought leave one wondering when you will engage in any thought at all...or at least READ what you perceive to be your pinata before swinging like a blindfolded six year-old.

The rest of what you sent to me is just a bigoted tantrum, so I will ignore it. I must ask though, where did you receive your formal training in Constitutional Law? Ooooooh, that's gotta hurt...before you accuse others of ignorance, you may want to review your own resume.

"Now for the fuckfaces"

You expect to be treated with respect?

Your entire intellectual life seems to consist of pathologically tracking and hysterically savaging the ideas of other people in a forum which might as well consist of yourself and your captive 11 year-old little brother who is the only one that EVER LISTENS, EVER LISTENS, EVER LISTENS, EVER LISTENS.

You are a sad little man. Try some happiness for once.

12:42 AM  
Blogger Beaming Visionary said...

"Most attacks of this sort come from atheists and/or the ACLU."

That I don't doubt, but your obvious targets in your latest hyberbolic screed were two: The guy who made the most noise and of course the ACLU, which, given this post, was apparently also somehow responsible for the shots allegedly fired outside the Capitol building.

Besides, your position assumes as a premise the fact that atheists are second-class citizens and categorically in the wrong when it comes to legal challenges such as the Soledad affair, an untenable position given the number of like challenges successfully made in this realm.

"I did see your photo, so you can't shed this descriptor."

I'll leave it to you and the voices zinging around in your head to figure out how this determination was made.

"Ooooooh, that's gotta hurt..."

Well, no. I'll let you know if and when the pain sets in, though.

"'Now for the fuckfaces'...You expect to be treated with respect?"

And "rat-turd demographics" is a high-mided assessment of those with opposing viewpoints? Hey, when in Rome...

"Your entire intellectual life seems to consist of pathologically tracking and hysterically savaging the ideas of other people..."

Which is in stark, stark contrast to the approach taken by you and your open-minded cohorts at a certain monkey house where objectivity and fact-checking are an absolute anathema. Excellent.

1:09 AM  
Blogger Maj. M.T. Rational XXXIV said...

Thanks for the love! It's really too bad that Stop the ACLU keeps removing your comments. What's their reason for disliking you so much? Did you call someone a liar? (My buddy Gribbit deleted my username the first time I posted there when I called him a liar after he lied, so I know they don't like it when you do that.) Is it your foul language? Fuck, do they think children read their site? Maybe they think Jesus will hold it against them when we swear on their blog. Everyone just needs to cut the shit and start swearing more. People can be so fucking uptight.

The only reason I still post comments there is to advertise my own blog, which would not exist but for their site. I'm kind of a parasite that way - an itch that can't be scratched.

Keep on doing your thang, and don't let them get away with any shit. Burn some Bibles, abort some babies, resurrect Lenin and Marx, and evolve into a higher lifeform.

God is dead,

1:05 AM  

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