If you've never heard of, I'm not surprised. Some sadist linked to this font of arrogant wackiness on a message board I visit and I made the mistake of clicking on said link. As I have noted, the site is operated by a bunch of profoundly uneducated, Gawd-fearing, jingoistic far-righties whose posts and personas evoke an all-too-familar mixture of horror and guffaws. As is normally the case with the lunatic fringe, these shamelessly hypocritical adult infants delete comments that render their arguments (never fact-checked and drawn from joke sources such as and Michelle "Every-morning-I-dig-out-my-diseased-cooze-with-an-acid-soaked-cheese-grater" Malkin.

A post this morning by the bright light calling himself Gribbit is an archetypcal example of the sort of uninformed trash that forms the basis for virtually everything appearing on this sorry excuse for a weblog. Read it for yourself, then read my summary below.

Gribbit immediately shreds his own credibility by referencing the tinfoil hats supposedly worn by others even as he wallows in a bizarre, undeniable, and toxic stew of outright paranoia. But even without this fine touch, his post fails on an amazing number of levels.

"Without law and order, a society will decline into chaos."

Stupid premise #1: Opposing the Trafford curfew is tantamount to opposing every statute on the books.

"When society declines into chaos, drastic measures by your beloved liberal thinkers all lead to one end, Communism."

Stupid premise #2: The potential overturning of Trafford's curfew law heralds the fall of a capatalistic and democratic society, even though numerous similar rulings throughout the U.S. have failed to produce this result.

Stupid premise #3: A communist society is less likely than a free one to impose harsh behavioral crackdowns on its citizens.

"Your gods in black robes will then apply more drastic measures than any theocracy in the mold of the old Central Committee."

Stupid premise #4: Liberal judges are as well known for killing heretics and suppressing discoveries that contradict organizational doctrine as were the murderous Christian clerics during the four major Inquisitions.

"There is no one at this site or others that is advocating a theocratic rule here in the US, except maybe the left under the guise of separation of church and state."

Stupid premise #5: Actually, this is just a flat-out lie. All sorts of cretins openly favor a theocracy, even if they're often sanguine enough to avoid using the word. And hey, Gribbit, ever heard of Pat Robertson? Chris Buttars? Roy Moore? How about the entire state of South Carolina?

"Lefties want to remove religion from the public square which is in itself a form of religious expression."

Stupid premise #6: Not granting special favors to Christians constitutes a desire to abolish all public expressions of religious belief.

Stupid premise #7: A political movement aimed at limiting undue religious influence is itself religiously motivated. (This is a corollary to the equally untenable claim that "atheism is a religion.") I suppose that Gribbit thinks that "OFF" on his TV remote is just as much a channel as Comedy Central or the Jesus Leg-Humper Network.

"Secular Humanism has been labeled a religious sect by the Kings by Committee otherwise known as the Supreme Court of The United States."

Stupid premise #8: Another bald-faced lie.

"And real URL’s are required to comment on my posts MORON!"

Stupid premise #9: Visitors to Gribbit's shitpile of a site are expected to know this despite the absence of a posted comment policy. It's as obvious as can be that this rule is only in place to

Also, Gribbit enjoys editing others' posts, the last refuge of the shameless idiot with no valid defense of his positions and no reasonable answer to his critics.

Stupid premise #10: Erasing the truth from a Web site will lead to its erasure from reality. If things really worked this way, the fun bunch at might actually wield some clout instead of serving as a pathetic yet grotesquely alluring source of amusement for thinkingfolk.


Anonymous gribbit said...

Let's see, Stop The ACLU is #16 (and was as high as #3 at one point) as of today on The Truth Laid Bear Ecosystem and Gribbit's Word is #176. That is out of more than 400,000 blogs being tracked. And who are you? NOBODY. You mean nothing, you are nothing, and will never be anything. So... do yourself a favor and shut up. Because if anyone destroys their own credibility... it is you.

My blog Gribbit's Word has over 500 incoming links... and yours has 1 because you sent a trackback. Wooo Hooo.. YOU ROCK MAN! NOT!

And I notice, your blog does not allow anonymous comments... novel idea....

12:05 AM  
Blogger Beaming Visionary said...

Excellent refutation of the various points I made. Rather than deal in substance, you can only crow about your site stats. Again, no surprise.

Let me explain something to you. Obviously you have your entire identity invested in how many like-minded fuckheads visit your blog(s). I, on the other hand, have this crazy idea that my advanced education and enjoyable lifestyle carry more weight than how many hits a blog run by and for whackjobs receives. By the way, what has the new impact of your rants on the ACLU been to this point? It seems you haven't made much of a dent in business, there, Mr. "I'M-NOT-A-NOBODY!"

I fixed the no-anon-comments thing. I'm not all that invested in this, unlike you and your productivity-starved comrades-in-retardation.

12:07 AM  
Anonymous gribbit said...

you can't use civil language. Sure I make fun of people's names and their total lack of knowledge, but I keep my remarks clean. See this is precisely why you will always be preceived as ignorant. Stupid is what stupid does.

12:08 AM  
Anonymous gribbit said...

Hey Brainless... are you done playing or what? I can chew you up and spit you out you POS.

12:09 AM  

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