...or "Stop the ACLU Excellence in Literacy and Essays Shining Star," goes to the king of consanguineous patriots himself, Mr. John "Jay" Stephenson, formerly of Alabama, currently of the inside of his own ass, for this triumphant tidbit from this morning's first salvo:

It is going to be a major shocker and a huge blow to the already terrible credibility of many liberal blogs, especially “truth out” who were reporting that Karl Rove’s indictement was immenent over three weeks ago.

Let's see, in just three dozen words, you gotcher subject-verb mismatch, yer one-comma subordinate clause, yer misspelled words, yer wrongly chosen personal pronoun, your uncapitalized proper nouns, and -- as always -- yer balls-to-the-wall laughin'-our-sweet-fuckin-asses-off irony. What's the consensus on the credibility of question-dodging, Christ-crunching blind bumpkiny fucktards these days? Stratospheric, I'm sure! Beat that shit with a stick, brotherfuckers!


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