at the address listed in this worn-out twatrag's post, because you never know what these people will do. As much as I like to harass the shitpoke element, I can't even account for this burst of irrelevance, which I turned up here. For all I know Ms. Hileman has already taken a sojourn from Texas and smeared her filthy, begodded smedge all over the exterior walls of the Hurricane State domicile in question.

All I can say is that Carolyn Hileman's intelligence sources are about as useful as Dubya's Iraq WMD information squad.

UPDATE: Hold the phone, Moonbatman! I get it now. Carolyn was a-prayin' to the Lord of lords for my faggotry-endorsin', immigrant-welcomin', Bible-incineratin', abortion'-lovin', gun-thievin' pacifist Marxist ass to be wiped out by a hurricane. Seeing as how the only one of those seems to have just swept through the Florida panhandle, just to be on the safe side she appended a request to ship me off to Tallahassee to her prayers. BOO-YAH!


Blogger Maj. M.T. Rational XXXIV said...

Them tools she used to "locate" you ain't too complicated, and they sure ain't that accurate. All it takes is an IP address and Google Maps.

3:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's just a few short blocks from the police dept. They should get there promptly at the first sign of trouble.

5:05 PM  
Blogger Bill from Dover said...

Better be carefull BV. For ya know it, Bill O's security police will fan out all over your block.

6:20 PM  
Blogger Beaming Visionary said...

Yeah, I know. Carolyn is a master fuckin' sleuthstress and I suggest you call her at her home number (936-634-2272) or write her (Farm Rd 843, Lufkin, TX) to ask her how she got so fuckin' smart. I mean, I never knew about going here to check to see who's come from a given site and plugging the IP address into an engine like this one. That's insider shit, folks.

6:49 PM  
Blogger Kender said...

So BV....where am I?

8:32 PM  
Blogger Kender said...

Keep in mind that if you post my address my lawyers will have something to say about it.

8:40 PM  
Blogger Beaming Visionary said...

One redeeming thing about utter simpletons like you, kender, is that it's that it's very easy to draw a bead on your thought processes, which are little more than explosive gut reactions.

Your conspicuous avoidance of addressing the substance of my posts in favor of this kind of bullshit means you have no answer to that substance. That's expected. It reinforces the fact that you're an attention-craving clod of an ideologue, like all of your co-bloggers. Are you people so fucking deluded that you really think that by taking to the airwaves, you're going to do anything more than embarrass yourselves? None of you can answer direct questions online, so how do you expect that to work out for you live? Wait, let me guess -- you'll block out the smart people! Because you're dim, that'll always "work" to a certain extent.

The fact that you're paranoid about my finding out your address suggests what goes through your mind when you imagine having the names and addresses of your "liberal" tormentors at your disposal. Do you think I honestly give enough of a shit about an insignificant coward's life, and so little about my own, that I would take this further than a stupid, one-sided blog war?

On a related note, the fact that you think -- or want me to think -- that publishing the address and phone number of someone who blogs under her full name and is listed in the Yahoo! directory is actionable means that you are not only ignorant of the law but think that you are smart enough to fool people. What's more, the Texas Cuntstain has done her best (which isn't very good) to pinpoint and post the locations of everyone visiting her site from this one (see here, here, here and here) and Gribbit is posting the IP addresses of everyone reminding him of how fucking dumb and dishonest he is. Do these imaginary laws not apply to fringe-dwelling shitbags too? And what about your direct threats of harm to the Cult member calling herself "Marion" a few months ago? I'd think the Feebs would be more interested in those.

And speaking of the Texas Cuntstain, I note a couple of amusing things on her shitblog. One, she's posted a letter written by one of her fans and addressed to a Senator Frisk about his lenient stance toward immigrants. Are Sens. Gethard and Osama next? And two, I'm glad I fucked with her blog with fifteen seconds of effort. People as dumb as her are the best imaginable evidence against merciful gods and intelligent designers, but other than that they serve no useful purpose. The fact that she wasn't born sterile is a true abomination.

10:43 PM  
Blogger Kender said...

Why would I bother to address the rantings that you spew?
It serves no purpose...you are the most foul creature I have ever run across, online or off, and I simply come over to torment you.

But in the spirit of your little cum-buddy (to use your style of writing) you didn't post where I am.....what's wrong felcher?


1:23 PM  
Blogger Beaming Visionary said...

"Why would I bother to address the rantings that you spew? It serves no purpose"

If you could rebut the things I've said with anything besides braying and sniggering and bullshit, you'd do it in a heartbeat because being right for once instead of merely loud would fulfill your wettest of dreams.

"you are the most foul creature I have ever run across, online or off..."

I don't know -- I try, but I have to think this diseased blight on humanity comes awfully close. To hell with the fact that this pathetic tantrum demonstrates an embarrassing lack of knowledge of basic human biology; writing "I hope she gets huge painful 'roids and her asshole drops to her ankles" about one's own junior senator is pretty extreme, eh? Although the eloquence of "I fucking hate the dems. Hate them hate them hate them!!!!!!!!" almost compensates for this indiscretion (but only because the writer remembered to add the eighth exclamation point). And if that's not enough for y'all, try this one by the same guy, who really, really tries to make up for with sheer force what he so painfully lacks in art. Great stuff.

"But in the spirit of your little cum-buddy (to use your style of writing) you didn't post where I am.....what's wrong felcher ... Yellow?"

Gee, kender, that's a tough one. Has "Outside L.A." in his Blogger profile, rants about the L.A. scene a lot, has an IP address that resolves to L.A....lemme guess, San Francisco? The Castro portion specifically?

Keep representin', boah! Keep up that brilliant discourse and you'll have every damn commie Zionist terrorist atheist fag liberal illegal immigrant right where you want 'em soon enough!

2:02 PM  
Blogger Bill from Dover said...

Another visit from the cult members
by hilemanhouse — published on June 11th, 2006

Well now check it out we have yet another visit from the cult, for those of you who do not know these people they are about the foulest mouth people I have seen, they have yet another post about me over at their little forum. The latest visitor is from Dover, New Hampshire they live somewhere between Walnut St. and N. main St. I have to wonder if they ever get over to Baxter lake often? Looks like they don’t live very far from it at all… Ah the power….

Wow... that's one hell of an IP address finder ya got there, Cuntstain. I can't even find me a fuckin' Baxter Lake here in Dover. Not sure how Comcast divies up it's subnets, but try the outher side of town. Here's a tough one for ya: Can ya guess my first name? BTW, visitor is singular; they is plural. It's N. Main St. My brain is hurting.

1:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Keep in mind that if you post my address my lawyers will have something to say about it."

Waaaaah!!!!! If you do what my buddies do, I'm going to call teacher! Big, rough n tough individualistic Randroid conservobot is going to run to *gasp* LAWYERS! You miserable little piss ant bully piece of human excrement, you fucked with the wrong marines and now you're an Internet Celebrity, even though you spew about shit No one cares about. You've finally reached that dark place you were looking for, on your quest to be a right wing douche. Is it everything you hoped for, bitch?

P.S Lykis would kick your ass if he caught you steaing his schtick, stick to the Hannitorium 'cognitive dissonance' routine.

2:33 AM  

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