That's right, folks. Kit Jarrell is a fuckhead -- a bloodthirsty, unhinged fuckhead who can make blog entries and is therefore ostensibly a mammal, but manifests a 90% amygdala/10% cerebrum CMS ratio clearly more reminiscent of a blinkered reptile than a rational hominid. As with his fellow zealots who make traditional jingoism look treasonous by comparison, Kit Jarrell (who is a fuckhead) cannot distinguish war (which traditionally involves a modicum of strategy and even an objective) from untrammeled slaughter (say, the execution of a four-year-old girl). For evidence that Kit Jarrell is a fuckhead, go here.


Blogger Maj. M.T. Rational XXXIV said...

Blogito, ergo sum.

12:41 PM  
Blogger meatbrain said...

Kit is, in fact, female.

10:40 PM  
Blogger Beaming Visionary said...

Y'know, I briefly considered that possibility, meaty, but ever since Knight Rider, the name "Kit(t)" has wedged itself in my brain as a decidedly masculine handle.

11:10 PM  

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