Leave it to the Liberal moonbat media to write lies about the tide turning missions executed by our troops in Iraq. If you dont believe just read this, where a moonbat paper south of the Border is saying Al Qawrazi is till alive.

I just shake my head at Liberals, there is no end to the lies these judicial activist communists will write when trying to destroy our nation's Christian heritage by legislating from the bench.

The foregoing was satire, highlighting the common practice of of scanning a headline and writing a tirade based only on the headline's vague implications. Best of all is when Jay or one of the others does this but pastes most of the story he hasn't read into his tirade anyway, thereby providing readers evidence of his own laziness and ignorance.

A great example is today's post titled "Democrats call Al-Zarqawi killing a stunt," where Jay bemoans the reaction of the left to the slaying of the terrorist fuckbag. One problem: The Washington Times story Jay got his idea from (and from which he stole the headline) was manufactured, and Jay of course didn't bother reading it. Note that nowhere does the story quote anyone referring to the killing as a stunt. Congressmen Stark (half of whose "quote" doesn't include his own words) and Kucinich have been vocally against the Iraq war for a long time, while the other Dems quoted in the story said that the killing of Al-Zarqawi was in fact a good thing.

The Times is a winger newspaper owned by a douchefuck-crazy left-basher, the Rev. Sung Myung Moon, who has claimed to be the Messiah and hence figures he can print whatever the Christ he wants.

Just one more piece of evidence that it takes nothing other than hollow cock-rattling to get the blinking, unthinking redneck illiterates of the world mobilized into a state of blind, pimple-popping, priapic, and entirely misguided rage.

UPDATE: I posted the following comment at under the relevant entry, preserving it below because Jay the cowardly liar or oneof the others will soon delete it.

When these drool-swingers lie down at night to sleep or engage in whatever their brain-substitues require during scheduled down time, I wonder if they hear itty bitty little voices telling them. "Man, you really are a lying fuck." It's hard to imagine that they don't, because as dumb as they are, much of what is shoved under their noses is simply impossible for even a full-fledged zoogie to deny.


Blogger meatbrain said...

I've captured a mirror of the page as of a few minutes ago, and will have no compunction about posting it at my site to demonstrate Jay's cowardice if he deletes your comment.

9:43 PM  
Blogger Beaming Visionary said...

He'll delete my comment on the basis of all of my real and imaginaed infractions there, but if he chooses to ignore what I wrote even after it's gone and continues propagating the Times' lie, he'll lose even more credibility -- not an easy thing to manage at his level.

What's disturbing is that comes up in Google News searches. The site is less representative of genuine journalism than The Weekly World News. To have a slant is one thing but to flat-out lie is another. I'm going to look into this through the Google people.

10:08 PM  
Blogger Beaming Visionary said...

Here's what I sent to Google via this link:

"The site at the link in question does not offer news. Instead, it consistently features unverified, unsubstantiated opinion pieces masquerading as 'reports.' It is a personal blog in which 80 to 90 percent of entries contain partial or whole re-postings of stories from other online publications; the only unique text consists of vitroil and subjective blather written at roughly a seventh-grade level.

"This is not about my political leanings. When I follow a link from Google News, I expect to be taken to an actual media outlet, not the collective rantings and ravings of prevaricating semiliterates. Please consider whether this site should be included among your news sites.


******* *********"

And yes, my comment was deleted.

11:08 PM  
Blogger Bill from Dover said...

With the Pat Tillman & Jessica Lynch sagas, is it any wonder that some would be hesitant to believe anything coming out of the pentagon these days?

11:30 PM  
Blogger meatbrain said...

See the exchange on my site between someone claiming to be the 'moderator' of Jay's comments sections, and myself.

8:26 AM  
Anonymous Buddha-Belly said...

Two points:

1. Watching Chimpy-in-chief give his celebratory statement I was amazed at the number of times he used the word justice. It may be a righteous killing, but I don't think justice comes from a pair of 500 lb bombs or involves dead or alive $25M bounties. Justice and rule of law can survive liberal judicial proceedings despite the shit going on in Guantanamo and other black site prisons. Chimpy-in-chief's view of justice is painted in some weird ways.

2. What's the issue with deletions and intellectual cowardice anyway over at the StopTheACLU site? I've seen on letsrun that those who own the press have the right to do whatever supports their view. Anyone that challenged chimpy-in-chief during his nadir was banned and had their postings deleted -- only one view was customarily preserved although the level of arbitrary deletions makes it hard to divine a specific agenda other than support for chimpy-in-chief. I didn't hear much discussion about the intellectual cowardice going on over there though.

12:15 PM  

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