Much of what I've written below originally appeared in comments to a post on Gribbit's blog that was also posted to, material which Gribbit -- as if it must be noted again -- has, in large part, deleted. (I won't bother posting the screen shot of the page as it appeared before my observations were nixed.)

That different earthlings inhabit different realities is nowhere more evident than in the output of, you guessed it, the bloggers at The latest but of fuckery is Gribbit's complaint that the sinistriberal New York Times had given righty bloggers the short shrift in stating that "blogging is nowhere near the force among Republicans as it is among Democrats."

Gribbit listed the top ten blogs as ranked by The Truth Laid Bear, along with his own brief editorial comments:

1. (4850) details - somewhat right when he wants to be.
2. Michelle Malkin (4595) details - right.
3. Daily Kos: State of the Nation (3827) details - far left.
4. lgf: put your foot on the rock (3206) details - right.
5. Captain’s Quarters (2977) details - right.
6. Power Line (2902) details - right.
7. Stop The ACLU (2289) details - right (better be I write there).
8. Mudville Gazette (2249) details - right.
9. Hugh Hewitt (2242) details - right.
10. ScienceBlogs (2164) details - I’m not familiar with this one.

He then opines:

"Seems to me that I’ve identified 8 out of the top 10 blogs in the ecosphere as being Conservative in nature. So where does Nagourney get his information? From the pitiful turn out of 1,000 bloggers at Yearly POS, I mean KOS. The conference of leftist bloggers gathering in Las Vegas."

Gribbit's talking about this conference, held in Las Vegas this weekend. As for the accuracy of the Times reporter's info, I'll get to that below.

Gribbit continues:

"Oh, and in case you are wondering, I rank #178 out of 56,081 bloggers being tracked by TTLB. Yearly POS, I mean KOS, has attracted 1,000 bloggers out of 56,081. Seems kind of lame numbers to be claiming dominance huh?"

At this point we can safely assume that math (unlike English) is not one of Gribbit's strong suits. Combine poor math skills with a penchant for lying and you have the potential for serious insults to reality.

First, Gribbit's assuming that his ranking of 178 is correct; I doubt he ranks that high among even the independent voices in his own head, but again, more on these numbers below. Second, he's also assuming that the folks at Daily Kos used TTLB rankings in order to determine whom to invite. (Please hold your fucking snickering until the end of the post, CaptainRational.)

Before I rip Gribbit all to shit and back, I offer this non-statistical aside. One of the many ways in which Gribbit exhibits cognitive impairment is his equating “influence” with “site traffic.” Just because some right-wing blogs may get a lot of hits doesn’t mean anything when it comes to what goes on in the brick-and-mortar world, just as the garbage written in the Bible about humankind springing from dirt seems important to some but is meaningless in the context of actual biology.

The typical person who frequents blogs like Malkin’s and is plainly uneducated (this is far from a subjective judgment; just look at their comments and their own personal blogs) and is in no position to make a difference in terms of public policy; moreover, these impediments to accomplishment are rendered more insurmountable by a seeming inability on the part of self-professed right-wingers to resist reckless dishonesty. A lot of the premier left-side bloggers, on the other hand, are college professors, journalists, and businesspeople with track records of not only reporting closely on but participating in proceedings like the Kitzmiller v. Dover "Intelligent Design" case. They are literate and honest, and people listen to them. They are not infallible but they admit their mistakes when they make them. Gribbitian sorts, absent from meaningful proceedings, exchange fabrications, virtual backslaps, "blogbursts," and links, and that’s about it. (Lefties do these things as well, but my point is that they do more than just yammer and fucker-futz around with source code.)

But getting back to numbers, Gribbit’s triumphantly vacuous contention that "the right dominates the blogosphere" is founded on blog rankings that fall several levels shy of being pulled out of his or anyone’s ass. To suggest that they are is an affront to unwiped assholes everywhere. TTLB computes its rankings in a way that ensures that they’re not even close to being comprehensive or even meaningful (see its FAQ for details). If a blog doesn’t have a hit counter, it’s fuck out of luck when it comes to rankings on a traffic basis, which is obviously the money stat, but one Gribbit ignores (and wrongly claims doesn't exist -- see this page, a single "view by traffic" click away from the page from which Gribbit took his above data) when touting his and other righty rankings. You see, TTLB scores blogs based on the numbers of incoming links they have –- and, if that isn't nutty enough, only includes links to and from blogs registered with TTLB. Any moron, regardless of how widely read his blog is, can stock his blogroll with links to sites he knows are registered with this outfit. The whole thing is obviously set up beautifully for people whose main mission is to improve a noncontributory ranking score to take advantage of these various limiting conditions.

So how many bloggers register with TTLB? Well, the site claims to track 56,000 blogs. Technorati, the gold standard of blog traffic tracks 43.9 million blogs along with 2.5 billion links. That’s 782 times as many sites as TTLB tracks. And lo and behold, how many of the conservative blogs in TTLB’s top ten appeared in the top 10 on June 10th at Technorati? Zero. Malkin washed up at 14th, Instapundit (not exactly a right-wing blog) at 17th, IGF at 60sth, Power Line at 63rd, and Captain’s Quarters at 95th.

And oops –- what’s this shit? According to the same Technorati listing (which those on the right may now confidently assert is controlled by Zionist wetbacks), on June 10th, Daily Kos was 4th, the Huffington Post 6th, and Crooks and Liars 18th. So the top three righty blogs together have an average ranking of around 30th, the top three lefty blogs about 9th.

Then there are Alexa’s rankings. Over the past three months, Daily Kos has had a "daily reach" (number of Web surfers out of every million who visit the site) of around 700. The Huffington post hovers right around 1,000; Crooks and Liars, 600. Malkin, the nutjob flagship, sits at about 370, and itself barely cracks double digits. And Gribbit himself? Ummm...break out the abacus and wait a while, folks.

“Damn those facts!” Gribbit mutters to himself at this point. “Why the fuck can’t I make them go away by deleting comments and calling people moonbats? What kind of shit world is this?”

The point here isn’t whether either righties or lefties "control" the blogosphere –- that’s moot on numerous levels. The point is that right-wingers like Gribbit rely exclusively on lies and distortions every time they set about making a “moonbat-bashing” point. These fucks are as trustworthy as a starving pit bull alone in a room full of game hens.

But nope —- pointing out that the TTLB rankings are baseless is just a sign of left-wing brain rot, right, Gribbirino?


Anonymous Cao said...

You eat with that mouth, do you?

You have so much hatred oozing from this website, it's appalling.

By the way, your devastatingly vague and sweeping generalizations haven't proved any of the points you so weakly try to make here.

Like this one:

The point here isn’t whether either righties or lefties "control" the blogosphere –- that’s moot on numerous levels.

"Numerous levels"? Levels of what. Consciousness? But you don't bother to go on.

And then there's this one;

The point is that right-wingers like Gribbit rely exclusively on lies and distortions every time they set about making a “moonbat-bashing” point.

But you give no evidence to back it up; because you can't, I guess...either you don't have enough brain cells left from sitting in your mama's basement, or you simply never had them to begin with in order to frame a legitimate argument.

Still, this visit was educational.

I think you need a shrink. You're far worse than your butt buddy meathead. At least meathead is civil when he wages his ridiculous assaults.

Slainte, Cao.

6:01 PM  
Blogger Beaming Visionary said...

Welcome, you suppurating cunt!

I'll tell you the same thing meatbrain so often does: You haven't argued against a single point I've made. What you term "devastatingly vague and sweeping generalizations" consist of data, and I've explained both where this data has come from and why Gribbit's data is meaningless. Evidently you trust TTLB but not Technorati and Alexi, two vastly more comprehensive and objective tools. I'm not surprised.

You claim that I give no evidence to back up my statement that "right-wingers like Gribbit rely exclusively on lies and distortions every time they set about making a 'moonbat-bashing' point." In order to say this, you either have to not read my post or read it with zero comprehension, and also blind yourself to the fact that Gribbit,, you and every other right-winger of the warmomngering, God-fellating variety routinely delete comments with content they cannot refute.

Above I listed a slate of lies and distortions used by Gribbit to buttress his rant about the right blogosphere being unfairly shafted. I invite you to refute this evidence with numerical evidence of your own, as calling me vulgar and offering to refer me to your shrink do not suffice.

It's telling that you chose to take issue with this: "The point here isn’t whether either righties or lefties "control" the blogosphere –- that’s moot on numerous levels." This is an editorial comment which I explicitly noted is not part of my argument (look up the words "isn't" and "moot"), yet it's the one you tried to take a poke at. And why? Because you can't refute anything in my argument itself.

Notice that I haven't deleted anything you've written. Nor will I in the future. This isn't just because I'm a magnanimous fucking guy who doesn't mind pathogen-riddled malodorous twats leaving snail-trails on his blog, but because every word out of your keyboard affirms everything I say in a way even my own unbridled eloquence and wit often cannot. You are but a parody of a caricature, and as I am certain you will not ever bother bringing facts to the table, I hope you continue to humiliate yourself in grand fashion.

6:26 PM  
Anonymous Marion said...

Beaming Visionary still kicks more ass than a Mexican used donkey salesman and takes more names than a Chinese census taker.

1:09 AM  
Blogger Bill from Dover said...

Not only does BV destroy the opposition with such simple things as facts, reasoning, intelligence, and a little research, but when it comes to the ad hominem attack (usually about after the first half round), he has no equal. Or as Jay & Justice would say (to protect their filters) "he is pearless".


1:10 AM  

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