Ann Coulter is increasingly becunted and diabolical, but no matter what sort of loopy shit tumbles out of her face, she'll always have a small but stubborn support base thanks to the fact that some people are simply too stupid to dabble in critical thought, relying instead on a series of base surges of emotion to propel them through their meaningless, strident days.

A perfect example comes, of course, from StopTheACLU.com, which reacted to David Berg's refusal to gloat over Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's death by expressing befuddlement and outrage over his "pontificating" and acting like an "idiot." Berg, you see, had a civilian son who was executed in Iraq by al-Zarqawi's goons, but told the press he felt "only sadness" over the whole affair. That wasn't good enough for Jay Stephenson and his fellow shitheads, who possess some base need to live out vicarious revenge fantasies.

You see, it's not enough that one of the top thugs in Baghdad was killed; people need to be more aroused by it, especially those touched personally in a way that these self-appointed beetle-browed experts never will be. As always with unconditionally pro-war "patriotic" pricks, it's never about strategic victories or clear-cut objectives. These assholes are no more comprehending when it comes to separating the Middle East from raw bloodlust than they are when challenged to separate the just application of the Establishment Clause from "judicial activism." They don't have a clue as to what either their purported allies or their opponents are saying, but they know brown, non-Christian skin when they see it. Like small children, they recognize the raw finality of violence and with America at war with especially depraved motherfuckers they can only grunt and blink excitedly about the prospect for more. They hate not only to be deprived of violence itself but of others' "necessary" hunger for same.

ADDENDUM: As if anyone still wonders what is more important to these fucknuts -- the war in Iraq or their war on everyone not sufficiently resembling Elmer Fudd with scrapie right here in America -- look at the post titles they've deployed since yesterday morning:

Zarkawi’s Death Exposes Far Left’s Confusion
Democrats Call Zarqawi Killing A Stunt
Michael Berg: Only Sadness at the Death of Son’s Killer, Al-Zarqawi

The godfuckers become especially rabid as anti-gay measures continue to lose their grip.


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