...because they tend to stand in the way of his desire to see certain people he doesn't like deprived of constitutional protection.

Ol' Literary Jay covertly epitomizes the odious position of homophobes everywhere in claiming to support the House of Representatives' failing to pass by a wide margin an explicity anti-gay-marriage amendment today. He links to someone quite inaptly called "Ace" who can write better than he can, but, perhaps for different reasons, implicitly expresses the same errant stance.

What Jay longs to see as he gazes through the lens of Ace is the question of gay marriage taken on an end run around the legal and judicial systems, with the slavering rabble put in charge instead. Here's the scheme these Bible-thumping assholes somehow expect others to (pardon the pun) swallow :

Don't let the federal courts decide who can and can't marry; let this decision go to the states. Within states, don't allow judges to settle the issue either. Let the entire matter become a matter of popular vote. When the dust settles, then we'll know whether gays should be able to marry, for Jethro will have spoken.

What IDIOTS. This "vision" is nothing new. The ONLY reason these dent-headed shit-eaters want to decentralize gay marriage is because they're finally realizing that even a conservative Congress is never going to pass a no-gay-marriage amendment. Were it not for this realization, they'd be all FOR the legitimacy of same-sex marriage being decided at the national level. What they're saying now is that popular opinion alone should determine the fate of a beleagured minority group, because they know this is ultimately their only chance to keep the uppity faggers in their rightful -- and thus rightless -- places.

Think about this. If the vote of the people alone were allowed to determine laws, with the Constitution rendered moot, fuckbeater states like Alabama and South Carolina would widely embrace solecisms such as lynchings, incest, and forced Bible study; no woman south of Virginia and east of Bakersfield would hold any sort of executive job. The poor people of the South would be even more hapless than they already are, assuming this is somehow possible, and blacks would find daily life a living hell.

In order to prevent some people from being deprived of liberty, property and even life -- and fucks like Jay are theoretically champions of the Constitution tat defends these rights -- certain matters simply have to be taken out of the hands of the mob. There are simply too many shitheads in America to allow key issues to be kept from goverment oversight. Even presidential elections are not decided by popular vote, thanks to the electoral college and Katherine Harris.

The funniest, most revealing thing of all is Ace insisting that the country "drop the language defining marriage" (because this suits the set-up phase of his "clever" plan), then going on to use the term "gay marriage" in a less-than-supportive sense numerous times thereafter. How grandly fucking symbolic. Jay's support of Ace's idea is one hundred percent typical wingnut advocacy: Scream that Congress should not have command of something when such a state scuttles winger objectives, but turn around and cheer when a legislature full of theocrats reinforces a nutjob position. And I'd love to see one of these dickless wonders provide a single, Christ-free example of how their own lives would be adversely affected by gays being permitted to marry.


Blogger Bill from Dover said...

PPPS, if the Republicans don't do this, they're not serious on the issue, and merely want to rally conservatives in November.


2:46 PM  

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