I had to go and scan StopTheACLU.com after a two- or three-week break. I think I just lost about 45 verbal IQ points. Here are some recent gems from Jay (forget the context, he's just been in his usual form -- posting entire newspaper articles and appending his typical bullshit):

"My initial reaction of shock and disappointment were later calmed somewhat..."

"...the ACLU don’t have the same problem."

"It is also quite a humerous story."

"The Democratic Underground are ecstatic as the celebrate!"

"...things have escalated into full out war for Israel."

"...the administration are really taking it in the pants this week."

"It won’t take long for the ACLU to applaud this decision followed by how many other things they still have to work on."

"...the ACLU are sueing for prisoners’ 'right' to have access to porn."

Keep in mind that these brilliant tidbits were all posted in the space of a single day.

Also, with regard to Iran, he writes, "After all they do want to usher in the apocalypse." This is coming from a committed Bible-humping Christhead; evidently, even though he remembers all of the material about fag-hating and so forth, he's forgotten how the whole dumbfuck story is supposed to end.


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Mothafuck be comin

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