What with all the focus on the pissbrained exploits of Jay, Kender and Gribbit, other StapTheACLU.com idiots have been slighted here. Thus I call your attention to an unfuckingbelievable display of flagrant, icepick-through-the-head moronicism perpetrated by noted God fellator and lover of exclamation points! loboinok ("Wolf in Oklahaoma," I guess), the moderator most fond of deleting my posts and presence.

The obvious money quote:

“It may not be politically correct to say that all Muslims are Terrorists, but it is true that all Terrorists are Muslims.”

I don't know how this could be simpler -- the presence of just one non-Muslim terrorist group (say, the IRA) gives the lie to this dreck, to which meatbrain rightfully responded, “And that is a demonstrably false statement.” Yet loboinok, evidently busying himself with deleting meatbrain's posts only to respond to them, somehow sees fit to demand, "Then demonstrate it!" This is akin to demanding that someone explicitly demonstrate that a bear is not a tree.

Maybe StopTheACLU.com is actually an elaborate parody site run by clever people engaged in a contest to outdo each other in terms of unbridled fucking stupidity. More likely, however, is that loboinok is simply one more assbrained Jesus freak from dustbowl territory, consigned to a life of self-deception and absent critical thinking skills.


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Blogger Bill from Dover said...

I don't fuckin' believe my eyes!

Three comments (so far) from STACLU, and not one spelling or grammatical error.

Bet they used a spell checker.

12:39 AM  
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