Some people's inability to see more than one-tenth of the variables in a given situation is stunning. Here, Jay laments what he feels is legal homocide:

The American Civil Liberties Union today applauded a decision by a district court in Missouri allowing women prisoners in the state to access timely, safe, and legal abortion care.

"I just want to stop here for one second to note how it absolutely annoys and disturbs me that they are using the word “care” to describe the murder of an innocent unborn."

One paragraph later, he serves up the same basic complaint:

"Prison officials can no longer ignore the medical needs of women prisoners seeking abortions,” said Diana Kasdan, a staff attorney with the ACLU Reproductive Freedom Project.

Just take note of their terminology using words like “need” for an elective killing procedure, and once again the word “care.” It sickens me.

Jay is seemingly too daft to draw air or feed himself. The care is being administered to the one with medical needs -- the mother. The ACLU is not referring to what happens to the foetus as "care." Blind fuck. I won't bother correcting his use of the word "murder."

Even a rabid pro-lifers should be able to see that a pregnancy is not a foetus floating around on its own and that a woman with distinct medical needs is always involved, and moreover, that no one gets off on the procedure. On a couple of side notes: How goddamned medically safe could a prison pregnancy be? And what's with religious pro-lifers always referring to the foetuses they take to be people as "innocent"? According to the Bible we're all sinners, even as embryos, so long as embryos are people. WHEEEEEEEEEEE!


Blogger Bill from Dover said...

They have the House, Senate, President and the Supreme Court. Guess it ain't enough as they are now to voting to restrict the Supreme Court from on ruling on the constitutionality of removing "under God" from the Pledge. These fuckwads won't stop till they get what they really want; access to a camera in everybody's bedroom.

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