The fucknut blogger at "Christ Matters," who goes by the moniker apostle at StopTheACLU.com and whose nom de guerre at his own shitblog is "Highboy," has slapped up a wreck of a response to my dismantling of his bullshit. He speaks of a "Decleration of Human Rights" and of "privelages," doesn't distinguish between "it's" and "its" or "too" and "to," and in general lives up to his brain-free nature. Anyone convinced that Anne Coulter didn't pimp the work of others in penning certain passages in her shitbook believes in surreal levels of coincidence, is a fucking idiot, or both. And you have to love it when someone asserts, a priori and in the utter absence of evidence, that God is in charge of this mess. His position that people have no rights is as skull-shatteringly ignorant as it gets; he simply refuses to acknowledge that as self-governors in a democracy, we in the U.S. have indeed established what our rights are, with the same applying to other nations.

Highboy is seemingly convinced that the fact that humankind morally and ethically fucks itself up stands as proof of the existence of a higher authority, because his infantile mind can't discriminate between wishful thinking and reality. I mean, who writes trash like this...

"I love atheism. Its lack of substance makes it so easy to kick around."

...with a straight face? Pointless though it would be, it would be sort of fun to quiz Highboy on the nature of his belief in Godshit. It's virtually assured that the only reason he has any use for Godshit is because it was hammered into his little pin head at a very young age. Same story as with practically every other fuckbrain of faith, and none of 'em will admit it. They all pretend to have come to belief of their own accord. I almost feel sorry for the pernicious little douche bags.


Anonymous Amused said...

Boy, you're really light on comments and participation. I was bored and lonely (attributed to social alienation that comes with atheism), so added the following to highboy's blog in case he declines to publish it.


You people crack me up.

The most pathetic blogger in the history of the internet,

With all this drama, it is a solid waste that neither one of you are doing something constructive like adding content to Encyclopedia Dramatica on the other, since both of you badly need entries if you're going to claim these lofty titles on the internets.

Man is smart enough and intelligent enough to figure out what is right and wrong, but so stupid that the overwhelming majority of men invented a god to be the facilitators." I love atheism. Its lack of substance makes it so easy to kick around.

Actually, looking into evolutionary psychology, group selection and inclusive fitness helps to explain man's dependence on deities and religion. And it also helps to explain that concepts like human rights are propagated for selfish reasons with deeper roots than religious worship or proclamations from above. In fact, some people get a real thrill of trying to figure out "why" something happens; others are happy to sit on the sofa, eat chips, watch TV and have their pastor relieve them of bothersome curiosity.

I think that Dennett would disagree about atheists being lightweights.

8:25 AM  
Anonymous Amused said...

Oh, duh. I forgot to assign homework. Just a review to offer some context of Dennett's recent work.

Beaming, bright -- same difference I'd say.

8:43 AM  

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