Opines Highboy, on the subject of abortion:

"I'm sorry, but 'Dumb Feminists' is about as Christ-like as I can be when discussing some of this garbage."

Christians are such fucking hypocrites. "Christ-like," my ass. Here we have one being as righteously critical as any areligious person and tacking on a lame disclaimer in order to justify the lameness. It also doesn't help that the substance of his post is crazy awful. A typical pro-lifer, he refers to embryos as "babies" and to the elective termination of pregnancy as "murder." Why such mentalities persist in 2006 I have little idea. I mean, this:

If she isn't ready for motherhood, she should keep her damn legs closed.

Is as parochial as it gets. And that's being kind. It's just a shame. Everyone is born an atheist and only comes to belief thanks to human tomfuckery. Highboy is just one more victim of the process.


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