Jay, probably the least educated of the StopTheACLU.com bloggers (not an easy achievement), recently returned from some sort of vacation and wasted no time in re-establishing his laughable bias, flair for blatant lying, and far-flung hypocrisy.

Perhaps the best example is this post, in which Jay expresses outrage over the ACLU of Eastern Missouri's lawsuit against South Iron Schools. The suit alleges that the school district should not allow Gideons to hand out Bibles and proselytize during class time, as the Gids have been permitted to do here for years. Clearly the ACLU is in the right here -- and there's even a local legal precdent, as the ACLU expunged Gideon operatives in Smithville, Mo. two years ago -- but Jay, what with his desire to wrap his lips around the long-dead cock of Christ and his refusal to acknowledge the realities of the Establishment Clause, is naturally tweaked. Here's his reasoning:

"If the school decides to remove a communist propaganda book from the library shelves you can count on the ACLU to fight it crying “book ban”. If students are being required to take Muslim names, play jihad games, and bow down in the direction of Mecca you can count on the ACLU to be silent. But when it comes to a tiny New Testament being distributed to students the ACLU think it is unconsititutional."

As usual, he's completely full of shit. (That Jay will never, ever figure out that "ACLU" is singular is another matter, but testifies to his galactic stupidity.) The book he refers to as "communist propaganda" is anything but, but Jay -- in accordance with his nonexistent standards regarding fact-checking -- never bothered looking into the case, preferring instead to trumpet the same bullshit he saw on other fucktard-operated sites. Furthermore, he doesn't acknowledge the difference between making something available for independent student review and Christians reading from their own religious text during class.

His example concerning Islam is equally shoddy for two reasons. One, teaching about a religion is not synonymous with promoting it. And two, while I think such a curriculum is indeed sketchy, Jay's claim that students were "required" to do any of the things he said they were is more bullshit, which is to be expected when an incurious mongoloid relies exclusively on Wingnut Daily, Bill O'Reilly, and the Thomas More Law Center for background information.

But for all his ignorance, Jay is still fun to watch in action because of his eagerness to jam his own feet in his mouth. A great example is his asking (with no question mark) "Do (liberals) really hate America or are they just that stupid" just before writing a post that -- content aside -- contains an amazing plethora of spelling and usage errors. Dude, no one is going to attempt the impossible and force you to learn English or to think rationally or critically. But for cunt's sake, have some pride and don't call anyone else stupid anymore. Every time you do you, it's as though an Islamic suicide bomber is calling others crazy for putting stock in their horoscopes.

UPDATE: At a quarter to eleven on Wednesday night I left the fellas a trackback to this post. Let's see how long it survives Lobo's fundie-fuck comment hatchet.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is most outrageous about this case is that Liberty Counsel barges in, gets the school district to change its policy to no longer allow bible distribution during class, then claims the ACLU is picking on the Gideons. I thought Christians were supposed to lie.

12:42 AM  
Blogger ric ottaiano said...

Holy Sheeet!!! BM, you are one disturbed muthaf##ker.

8:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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