Every Sunday, StopTheACLU.com posts a "funny" cartoon that spuriously attacks a liberal straw man of some sort. Drawing inspiration from this example, I offer a graphic of my own.

Also, be sure to watch for Carolyn Hileman's response to the comments from one Pablo Sanchez beneath another rhetorical piss-puddle from the one 'n' only Texas Cunt. In case she deletes Pablo's comments, they read, with the Cunt's original words in quotes:

“don’t worry about people retaliating against you, they wouldn’t dare that would be considered intolerant.”

Funny — I thought the very reason the U.S. has been waging a costly, ineffective war for several years now was to retaliate against terrorists (who aren’t in Iraq after all, but who cares, right?).

“they can spit on our Bible, tear out the pages, burn it and no one will stand up and stop it.”

Perhaps because it’s not against the law, oh lover of liberty, democracy and the American way?


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